Weekend Writing Prompt Year 1 Anthology Update

First, let me apologise for disappearing off the face of the earth.  Things just seem to be so busy at the moment and finding the time to hang out on the blog is getting increasingly difficult.  Can someone tell me why there are only 24 hours in a day when I need at least 30?!

I’m about a month behind reading WWP responses, but I endeavour to catch up and read them all.  As I’ve said before, I might not get round to commenting on them all (though I’ll try), but know that if I like it, I read it and enjoyed it 🙂

So, let’s talk about the Weekend Writing Prompt Year 1 Anthology.

Thanks to everyone who has so far emailed over their contributions.  I will soon start going through the emails to see what we have and which prompts still have no responses.  I’ve extended the deadline over on the submission guidelines to 10 August 2018, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets one more final extension, probably the end of September but we will see how things go.  It might not be necessary.

All anthologies need titles, so I have come up with a name for this one.  “Outcast and Other Words” – What do you think? I also plan to design a few badges should anyone wish to use them on their blogs / social media.

I’ve secured the wordpress site, but done very little to it at the moment.  When there’s something to see over there I’ll post the link.  The aim is to have the site read like an online book, with each of the word prompts from Year 1 serving as the chapter titles…

Well, there it is.  I know things are moving slowly at the moment, for which I apologise, but, when it all comes together, I’ll know it will be great.

Thanks everyone for joining in.  Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt Year 1 Anthology Update

  1. I echo that cry of insufficient time. Though most of my calls are self-inflicted. I very much support the anthology. And I’m aware how much time the project will take. Even to organise an old-fashion coffee morning gobbled the minutes if not the hours.
    BTW this morning I discovered your website (as opposed to this blog), and have downloaded one of your books. Don’t know why it’s taken so long (except, yep,. I’ve been busy, and more honestly, thoroughly distracted). I shall read just as soon as I’ve finished with Jay Kristoff.
    Wishing you success all round.


  2. Namaste Sammi 🙂

    I think it a great idea with a great title that will be also be a great read – an anthology that might then grow as the years roll-on by to become a library of poem and prose 😀

    Thank you for your hard work and effort. Reward will be its success.

    Best wishes for an enjoyable week. Take care.

    Namaste 🙂



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