I’ve had a secret project underway for the past fortnight…I set myself the challenge to write the first draft of short novel in a month.  To make myself more accountable, I’ve been posting at least one chapter of it a day on Wattpad.  The novel is called “Oathbreaker”.


“Be my wife.” The words were so quiet, Eleri wondered if she had really heard them.  ‘Please, Eleri.  Be my wife,’ he said again, louder and with even more intensity.”

Eleri, priestess of the Green lady, has waited for so long to marry her tribe’s champion, Celyn.  Finally the date is set for Midsummer’s Eve, when the tribes have gathered in the valley to celebrate the longest day at the stone circle perched up on the hill.  But nothing is as it seems…

A glimpse of a bird circling over the stones foretells of doom…and maybe even death.

An oath is made.  A oath is broken.  And Eleri’s life changes forever.

“Oathbreaker” is a story inspired by ancient history, mythology and the landscape.  If you enjoy historical fiction with a dose of fantasy and the retellings of myths, legends and folktales, you might enjoy this too 🙂

You can read it for FREE here.

If you do decide to give it a read, I would welcome your thoughts – and feel free to give it a vote or three over on Wattpad too! 😉

The more reads and votes it gets, and the more interest is shown in it, the higher it appears on the rankings and more people will see it.  If you’re on Wattpad let me know your username and I’ll hop over and follow you – in the least stalker-like way possible 🙂

Thanking you in advance.

Have a great weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “Oathbreaker

  1. I shall take a look, though not tonight. If it equals the quality of The Magician, it will be a good read. BTW, the Green Lady? There was a legend in the village where I grew up, that the old hall (which refused to be demolished!) was haunted by the Green Lady. It inspired my first ever ‘proper’ story (aged ca. 9 years old), and in more recent years sent me in search of the origins of the family who were lords of the manor during which I discovered the reason she was called Green Lady, was that she was a Catholic when it wasn’t safe to be one! I shall definitely be reading your story (tomorrow)

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    • Oh wow, you’ve read The Magician? Thank you very much. I really appreciate that, Crispina and hope you enjoyed it 🙂

      If you do have a read of Oathbreaker, I hope you enjoy that too. It’s certainly been quite nerve-wracking writing the chapters and then, with only a marginal level of editing, posting them straight to Wattpad, but it’s a fun experience that I’m learning a lot from – and I’ve had some nice feedback too.

      Ooo, the Green Lady from your tale sounds fascinating…and spooky!

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      • I shall certain read Oathbreaker … just as soon as this heat subsides and my head stops pounding.
        And thanks for the comment on the Green Lady. She seems to be surfacing much of late (only today I have explained the origins to one my contacts.)


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