More Oathbreaker News!

So two weeks ago I mentioned that Oathbreaker made The Wattys 2018 Longlist…

Well, yesterday I got some more good news…

Yay!  Woohoo!  I really can’t believe it…I’m speechless…completely overwhelmed…

A big thank you to everyone who has been reading, voting and commenting on it. I really appreciate the support it has received so far.

I know it sounds cheeky – and I find it very hard to ask as marketing etc doesn’t come naturally to me (I’m actually cringing as I write this, just so you know) – if you could spare some time to check out a chapter or two it would mean the world to me.  The more people who read, vote and comment…the more people who enjoy my story, well…you know…

You can learn more about Oathbreaker by reading this post, or you can head straight over to Wattpad and find the completed novel here.

Thanks everyone for your support.

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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