Afternoon Tea

2 light-hearted acrostic poems on the theme of Afternoon Tea for Weekend Writing Prompt #40

A Holiday Indulgence

All my

Favourite cakes, alongside a pot of

Tea, English Breakfast, of course,

Eccles cakes, Victoria sponge, though it would be

Remiss of me

Not to mention the sandwiches and scones, the latter

Obviously served with jam and clotted cream

On second thoughts, you have the sandwiches

Never really liked them myself, I’d rather a


Toasted teacake, spread liberally with butter, while I

Enjoy the view from the window

Across the bay

A Sweet Treat List

Angel cake

Fondant fancies

Treacle tart

Empire biscuits

Rock cakes

Nice biscuits

Orange marmalade cake

Oatie biscuits

Nutmeg on an egg custard tart


Tea bread


Apple and cinnamon muffins

13 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea

  1. Namaste Sammi 🙂

    Your clever poem Afternoon Tea captures the occasion and experience of the ‘cream-tea-shop’ as I have experienced it in the South West. It is a indulgence all the better when taken with a great view and extra cream and jam 🙂

    I’ve never heard of Empire biscuits but tea-loaf used to be a flavour that like marmite I was never sure if I liked it or not but ate it anyway. My mother would bake it with a sugar-crispy topping that I enjoyed as much the loaf itself. As I recall it was best served with strawberry jam. Another indulgence 🙂

    I’m left feeling hungry but without any cake to chew on.

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Hey Dewin, so glad you thought the poem clever. In all honesty, I thought it was quite silly but the response here seems to be favourable so I’ll bow to everyone else’s better judgement 🙂

      Empire biscuits are two shortbread rounds sandwiched together with jam and covered with glace icing. Not particularly good for you, but what on this list is?

      I never really enjoyed tea bread until I started making my own bara brith, but it’s still not the first thing I turn to when I want to bake lol Yes, I can see how it can be likened to marmite; you either love it or hate it.

      Wishing you the brightest of blessings, my friend 🙂

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