Impatient Earth

It seems a little strange, a little out of step, to be writing about spring when autumn is slowly claiming the natural world where I live, but while I try and fill the last few remaining empty chapters of the Outcast anthology, I must work with the relevant prompts…

“Impatient Earth” was written in response to Weekend Writing Prompt #45 Spring

Winter had quickly given way to spring. The snow had melted and as the earth warmed, nature awakened, almost impatient to put behind it the death and the darkness of the colder months.

Suddenly the world was alive with early season colour. Trees were in bud. Delicate pink blossom clung to boughs until an eager breeze dislodged them, sending them dancing through the air like a spring snowfall.

Daffodils, snowdrops, violets, and primroses pushed their way through the recently roused earth to bloom above ground in sunbeam yellow, rich cream, snow white and watercolour purple.

And so the wheel turns….

9 thoughts on “Impatient Earth

  1. And you have just taken me back to those wonderful springtime walks when the camera feasts on delicate, fragrant flowers, instead of delving into the rotting woodland floor to find fungi. And you’ve reminded me, those blissful days of spring will come round again.

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      • Autumn colours, I agree, yet they seem to come exceedingly late over recent years. Late November, last year, before there were sufficient to excite the camera. But at least this year, with the rain, I’ve found plenty of fungi to fill my lens. But, while I like those misty mornings slightly scented with the subtle smells of decay, I still prefer spring.

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      • Yes, there has been lot of fungi – last week, I saw some as large as dinner plates when out walking. Very impressive, but I much prefer the small mushrooms – I think there’s something a little more fantastical about the little ones 🙂

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