Not to Everyone’s Taste

The estate agent paled. Bright pinks paired with blood red; an unusually bright, garish colour scheme that flowed hideously from room to room. How was she supposed to sell that? And to whom? A vampire?

I suspect my thinking is greatly flawed in this little piece of flash fiction…I can’t even imagine a vampire approving of this colour scheme 😉

This was written for Weekend Writing Prompt #23 Taste

11 thoughts on “Not to Everyone’s Taste

  1. When we bought the cottage, the colour schemes were not to our taste but we saw beyond that. When we moved in, the dining room was red, the lounge green, bed 1 yellow, bed 2 purple, bed 3 terracotta, bathroom peacock blue and back corridor cream. The kitchen was a mess, so was one of the first things we tackled.
    When we left, all decor was magnolia and wood, all doorsand doorknobs matched, and other than the bedrooms which were carpeted, throughout was quarry tiled. Worked for us for 7 years.

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    • Wow – that’s certainly a variety of colour in one cottage. Yes, the trick is to look past it, yet sometimes other peoples tastes and styles can come as quite a shock to the outsider. Magnolia and wood and quarry tiles – I love the sound of that combination 🙂

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