Outcast and Other Words – the complete anthology

The Weekend Writing Prompt anthology, Outcast and Other Words, is finally complete!  Woohoo!

My apologies to all those involved for it taking so long, but the anthology is now full and finished, and even comes with “previous chapter” and “next chapter” links for ease of reading, as well as an author and chapter index to help with navigation.

I have added an information page to this blog about the anthology, here.  On this page you will also find participation badges should those who contributed work wish to use them.

Should anyone wish to read the anthology – and I recommend you do as there is some amazing poetry and prose to be found there – you can do so by following this link:


Thank you to everyone who’s been involved with the anthology, either as a writer or a reader.  This has been an amazing project to oversee and I can’t say how proud I am of it and of you. (I’m trying not to gush here, honestly!)

Will we be doing another anthology next year?  It’s too early to tell, but I can say that if we do, I’ve learned a lot working on Outcast, so hopefully the process will be smoother and more efficient.  It also depends on you and whether there is still the demand for a Weekend Writing Prompt anthology volume 2.  Please let me know your thoughts, on both Outcast and the possible second anthology, at some point.

But for now, lets celebrate!

3 thoughts on “Outcast and Other Words – the complete anthology

  1. That’s absolutely brilliant. A fantastic achievement to pull it all together, and fantastic that there have been so many contributors. And I shall hit that link shortly (when I stop to cook tea!) Well done.


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