NaNo 2018 – Day 1

Daily record of my 2018 NaNoWriMo journey…

NaNo 2018 – Day 1


  • Complete draft of Short Story 1
  • Edit chapter 1 of Oath Broken
“I woke up this morning as excited as if it was Christmas morning…It’s the first day of NaNoWriMo! Yay!”

Started off really well, but as the day wore on, I started suffering from the beginnings of a cold. Not impressed.

Happy with how the short story turned out; its 4100 words long, and written in less than 24 hours (I started it the day before). More on the short story in the journal entry for Day 2.

I also edited the first chapter of Oath Broken. I’m quite nervous about this story. I posted a preview of it on Wattpad in anticipation of releasing the whole first chapter tomorrow (2nd November 2018). The reception was better than I could have expected, so I’m really pleased and excited.

Although I hit both my goals for the day, I had hoped to get more done in the form of tackling one of my organisational tasks (I’ll explain what these are when I actually get around to doing them). Still super happy though. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


  • Short Story #1 complete
  • Chapter 1 of Oath Broken edited
  • Total word count for Day 1 – 2747

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