NaNo 2018 Journal

I thought it might be interesting (to try) to keep a daily journal documenting how I get on with this year’s NaNoWriMo…

What am I working on?

The plan is to work on a number of projects. Some of them involve writing whilst others focus on editing. Some of them are unfinished projects that require a bit of attention, whilst others haven’t been started yet. There are also some organisational tasks I want to complete this year, as well as experimenting with some new writing techniques.

I have a list of what I hope to accomplish this November, but it is subject to change at a drop of a hat, and for that reason, there is no point in sharing it at this stage.

Why so many projects? Why so vague? I’ve been suffering from exhaustion for pretty much the whole of 2018, but I would have been really unhappy to skip NaNo this year. My hope is that, with so many different projects for me to choose to work on on any given day, the problems I have been having with focus and concentration should not arise and I should, in theory, still manage to get a lot done.

Watch this space…

(And just so you know…my NaNo diary entries won’t count towards my daily word counts.)

8 thoughts on “NaNo 2018 Journal

  1. A daily diary sounds like a great idea, Sammi! I look forward to hearing about the ups and (inevitable) downs of your NaNo journey. But don’t let the diary get in the way of the actual writing — if you’re on a roll, keep writing! You can always update us the next day. Good luck!

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    • Thanks, Joy. I’ll try not to let it stop me from doing what I’m supposed to be doing 🙂
      I also thought it might be a good way of trying to get back into regular blogging because I feel like I’ve been struggling with it for a while. We shall have to see…

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  2. Don’t tire yourself out trying to keep a diary, blog and take part in NaNo! But I get the need not to miss it – it would make you fed up if you didn’t take part. Have a happy, scribbly November, Sammi.

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  3. And here’s another superwoman. Sammi, you amaze me. Me, it’s all I can do to keep track of the one thing.
    I wish you wild success in it. Especially if it results in a sequel to Oathbreaker! Go for it, Sammi. But (Tip) don’t forget to breathe. 🙂

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