NaNo 2018 – Day 3

Daily record of my 2018 NaNoWriMo journey…

NaNo 2018 – Day 3


  • To hit daily minimum word target of 1667
“Best laid plans and all that…”

My cold has struck with full force. I barely slept last night so I set my sight on the barest of goals…to meet the daily minimum word target of 1667 words.

I decided to work on Novel #3 – I have three novels in progress that are set in the same world as Oathbreaker. This involved typing up and expanding some scenes that I’ve been writing on my smartphone for the past few weeks.

This also overlapped one of my NaNo organisational goals: I have over 500 “notes” stored on my phone – complete and incomplete poetry and flash fiction, and chapters and scenes from longer projects, as well as ideas, planning notes and venues for submissions. It’s time these notes are stored somewhere more permanent, where I can’t easily delete them or lose them should something go wrong with my phone.

So a relatively easy day. I reached my target after about 45 mins then turned off the PC, hoping that I might get some more done in the afternoon. I didn’t. Tomorrow’s another day.


  • Hit minimum word target
  • Started major organisational task – number of notes on phone now 517
  • Total word count for Day 3 – 1701
  • Monthly total so far – 7132

2 thoughts on “NaNo 2018 – Day 3

  1. Sammi, happy writing for Nano 2018. I published a book on Amazon, and credited to you for the four Anthologies I participated. Then I found those on Goodreads because my name is linked to them. The anthologies are not on Amazon. If you want to have them on Amazon, I maybe able to help. Since there are many contributors, we could set the price to $0.00 to just get our names out there. For your personal publications, I could let you know how I did my book (after Christmas though). I’ll spend some time in promotion.

    When you’re done with Nano, if you have time, you could look at my book and possibly write a review on Goodreads, maybe.

    Talk with you later!! Miriam


  2. How many notes on your phone? I so underuse mine. And always I transfer as soon as able. You have quite a task ahead, I wish you well with it. And good that, despite the cold, you’ve been able to right. I know how it is: the lack of sleep, the fever the burns behind eyes you’d rather close, the heavy head, that constant drip of the nose. Yea, you did well. And I hope you’re soon well.


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