The Three Ways To The World

I stood looking at the three entrances, scratching my head. A normal sized door, a really big door, and a double-gated archway. Why were there three? And which one was I suppose to use?

I’d never seen anyone enter the castle – or leave it – through these doors, but it was here I’d been directed to. I recalled the message: Go to The Three Ways To The World at midnight. Make your escape. Good luck.

Here I was, before The Three Ways, at midnight, as instructed, but suddenly I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave any more. I had been inside the castle for ten years. Perhaps it was better I stayed there?

A creaking sound, loud enough to wake the whole citadel, echoed through the night. I started to panic.  One of the doorways was opening, but which one, and to where did it lead?

‘Come, enchanter. Freedom awaits…’

Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #1


8 thoughts on “The Three Ways To The World

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