The Night Boat

This is the second part of a currently untitled serial I am writing.  To read the first part, The Three Ways To The World, click here.

I entered through the small door, my heart beating furiously and my tread, cautious. There was nothing but darkness to greet me. No torches or lanterns lit the way. Instead it was my hands, feeling along a damp stretch of wall, that guided me.

I almost ended up in the river. Then I spotted it.

At the far end of the boat, with their back to me, sat a cloaked and hooded figure. My blood ran cold. As I was about to begin my retreat back to the prison – I no longer wished to escape for I was safer in there than I was out here – they spoke.

‘Get into the boat, Lyr. I won’t tell you again.’

I heard the sound of the doorway closing. Returning wasn’t an option now, so I stepped into the boat, and in silence, we drifted downstream and into the night.

Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #2

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