Dead Things

This is Part 6 of an on-going serial I’m writing called, “Lyr the Enchanter”.  To read the story from the beginning, you can find the story index, here.

The mist before my eyes cleared and the dream vanished, leaving only a feeling of anger. However, I was forced to put it aside because there were bigger, more immediate problems on the horizon.

The boat pulled into the harbour of the Isle of In-Between. The Boatman stood to cast the spell that would see us safely to land. There was more to fear here than just the cloaked figure.

In the water were the remains of dead things, monsters from ages past. Bones, huge and black, projected from out of the depths, as if waiting to catch the curious and unsuspecting. Both in life and death, these nameless creatures guarded the waters that encircled the island. What could be seen was only a hint of what was to be found lurking below. It was what you couldn’t see that would hurt you.

I involuntarily shuddered. I hated this place.

‘After all this time, you’re still afraid,’ The Boatman whispered.

Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge # 6 – Ten words over the 150 word limit this week…must try harder…

7 thoughts on “Dead Things

  1. Namaste Sammi 🙂

    I popped-by to wish you and your a wonderful Solstice – may the Holly King keep you evergreen – and a very Merry Christmas. I trust both occasion will be joyous and celebrated in good style. Have a wonderful festive season 🙂

    This is an interesting story taking shape and building to what might well be a dramatic conclusion. It appears you are enjoying writing it and responding to the photographs offered. I hope Lyr finds her way to wherever it is destined.

    Namaste 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Dewin 🙂 And all the Brightest Solstice Blessings to you!

      Thank you for having a read. I’m not sure where it’s going but I am enjoying the process. I eagerly anticipate the photo prompts each which to see in which direction the next instalment will flow. I find I am liking writing without having to know everything that will happen before it does – it makes it as much as a surprise for me as it does for everyone else 🙂

      Merry Christmas! 🙂


  2. Namaste Sammi 🙂

    Thank you…I’m looking forward to Christmas and the New Year, and spending both with family.

    It’s a interesting approach writing ‘blind’ as it were and negotiating passage through the unknown whilst keeping the storyline alive, but you’re doing a fine job. This instalment is atmospheric and made more so by choice words and imagery. I can quite understand why Lyr finds the place distasteful and haunting.

    Good luck responding to the next photograph. I am curious what it will be and how it may influence Lyr’s adventures. I was also meaning to ask if the name ‘Lyr’ held any special significance…I can’t find reference to it on-line to any degree of satisfaction. Does it have meaning?

    Keep writing! Have a great weekend.

    Namaste 🙂



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