A Ghostly Fairground Attraction

They called her Helter-Skelter, with her bird nest hair.  She would walk in long loopy zig-zags, across pavement, roads and grass, her path mapped out where only she could see it.

They called her Helter-Skelter, with her strange big eyes.  She would look all about her, her head moving in big, slow circles, round and round, but only when she thought no-one was watching.

They called her Helter-Skelter, with her sing-song laugh.  She would smile and giggle and wave at those who could see her – and those that couldn’t.

She was always happy, that’s what the storytellers said.  Even now, stuck in an endless tour of the fairground, she was happy.

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #91 – Helter-Skelter | Word count: 111

10 thoughts on “A Ghostly Fairground Attraction

  1. Namaste Sammi 🙂

    An unusual and very effective way of defining character. Repetition reminds and reinforces what we have just read. It’s quite intense.

    She is a compelling, if not also quirky character. I like her playful oddity.

    Namaste 🙂



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