Through the mist…

I woke up on Tuesday morning to find my village swathed in a blanket of mist, and, recalling that one of the picoftheweek2019 prompts for the Photo Challenge hosted by Of Maria Antonia is mist / clouds, I waited for it to get light enough and then duly went outside, camera in hand to try and capture the ethereal veil…

A note about my responses for the challenge: The photos I post will be a mix of old and new.  I’ve taken so many photos over the years, it will be nice to give a handful of them a purpose, but I also look forward to taking my camera out and snapping new ones too.

I’m quite pleased with this photo. You can see the mist, though it’s not come out as dense as it was in reality, but there are other things that draw the eye too.  In the foreground there are the branches of a wild / dog rose, with a numbered of withered dark red rosehips still clinging on, whilst on the left and further away from the camera are the branches of a crab apple, on which you can just make out silver jewel-like dewdrops. (Just a little further left and out of shot, a blue tit was singing merrily – I did manage to get a photo and will share it here in due course, if I can find a prompt that works with it) And finally, that thick layer of moss carpeting the roof looks soft enough to sit on.  If it wasn’t such a dreary-looking snap, I would say everything about it was magical…

Week 5 – Mist / Clouds

Taken: February 2019


9 thoughts on “Through the mist…

    • Awake? Just about, though probably not as awake as I thought I was. I’ve just noticed the roof in the photo is at an angle, so unless it belongs to some strange fairy-tale-esque building (which is a nice explanation, if a little improbable), I wasn’t even holding the camera level! 🙂

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      • As I often don’t. My daughter often laughs about ships sailing downhill. But get it on the cimputet: Lo! perfect. Or at least, ish. 🙂
        And I hadn’t noticed the roof. Though oif course now I do. Bad case of subsidence? Or an old building with sagging beams? It still looks good to me.

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  1. Nice shot! I love the little branch peeking into the foreground. And the moss on the roof makes the picture. Isn’t it funny how the camera doesn’t always capture the reality (ie: how dense the fog was)?


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