Afternoon Tea with McKenzie Richardson

The first of my author / poet / writer interviews is up over on my book blog…

Sammi Loves Books

The first of my author interviews over afternoon tea is with McKenzie Richardson.  Having immensely enjoyed all of McKenzie’s work that I’ve read, both poetry and prose, I was delighted to be able to put my ten questions to her.

So grab a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit or slice of cake, then sit back and relax and read the interview…

Thanks so much for taking the time to join us for afternoon tea today, McKenzie. To begin with, for those who don’t know you or have yet to discover your writing, please introduce yourself.

Greetings! My name is McKenzie Richardson. I am an author, poet, crafter, blogger, book reviewer, and avid reader.

I write in a variety of genres, but mostly horror, fantasy, and poetry. Recently I have been leaning toward more fairy tale retellings and am currently working on a gender-centric collection of dark fairy tales…

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