An Unknown Fear

This is Part 14 of an on-going serial I’m writing called, “Lyr the Enchanter”. To read the story from the beginning, you can find the story index, here.

I put my back to the outcrop and sat down on the ground. Looking up at the clear sky, it was hard to believe that I spent the last night hiding in a rock niche on the foreshore, while my wife battled a sea-serpent. No sign of the spell-storm lingered, bar the slightly smoky taste to the air, but even that was fading.

I watched as Arastia approached the river. Standing on the bank, she whispered something into her empty hand. Whatever object she conjured, she dropped it into the inky waters.

Shaking my head, I wondered at the strange turn of events. The word ‘father’ went over and over in my mind. It was strange and unfamiliar, not a word I associated with myself. And yet seeing my son as I enchanted Arastia, I felt the connection between us. It was uncanny.

Suddenly I felt afraid. But why?

Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #14 – It’s been almost two months since I update this story, and I’m pleased to report, that it was under the word count at 149 words, and the story came straight back to me without much prompting being required.  Look out for more updates on Lyr; I plan to post regularly in an attempt to catch up 🙂

5 thoughts on “An Unknown Fear

  1. Hey Sammi, welcome back. And to pick up from where you were in the story, and to go back to the last prompt you took up. … I’m impressed by your resolve.
    You’ve chosen a good prompt to speak of battling sea-serpents; there has be a sea-battle here before (way-way back in the depths of my blogs … okay, so it was slightly further around the coast, at the Wash 🙂

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