The Moon Garden

I’m a little late in sharing this news, but my short story, The Moon Garden, was published by Fantasia Divinity back in March 2019.  The title of the anthology it can be found in is Gardens of Enchantment.  Here’s the summary from Amazon:

Gardens are places of mystery and enchantment where fairies hide among the leaves and magic courses through the roots. But beware, the snake of temptation slithers in the undergrowth and the most beautiful flowers might be poisonous. The stories in this collection will take you on a botanical journey into the heart of greenness: you will taste dangerous liquors, see the desert break into blossom or venture into breath-taking bowers.In this bouquet of tales you will find re-imagined legends, magical realist musings, fantasy and a pinch of sci-fi.Authors featured in this anthology: Damien McKeating, Zoey Xolton, Sally Basmajian, Madison McSweeney, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Fanni Suto, Judith Field, Jennifer Vizner, Frank Roger, Pamela Jeffs, Ed Ahern, Maia Cornish, Lucy D. Ford, Elaine M. Lies, Sammi Cox, Helen Mihajlovic, Steve Carr, Scott G. Gibson, and Bill Davidson

Isn’t the cover beautiful?!  I must say, all the covers to the anthologies and books they put out are stunning.  My heartfelt thanks go to Fanni Süto for including and editing my story, and Fantasia Divinity for publishing it.

The Moon Garden

My story focuses on Alexa Harrison, who has just moved into a new house.  However, there’s a discrepancy between the maps of the property and what can actually be seen.  It’s a mystery Alexa can’t let go of, but there’s a price to pay for learning the truth…

I loved writing this story.  In fact, it was one of the short stories I worked on as part of NaNoWriMo 2018, where I tried out a new writing technique of starting to write a story in the middle, working through to the end before returning to the beginning to write the opening.

One Final Word…

If anyone is looking for a venue to submit to, Fantasia Divinity have just released a new list of submissions calls, including a drabble and flash fiction anthology.  You can find all you need to know about submitting to them here.

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