Hedgerows, Wildflowers, Stormy Skies and Ruins – A Day of Photos

Today was spent out and about, enjoying the English countryside…walking through fields taking photographs of wildflowers and checking out how the fruits of the hedgerow are coming along.  It’s not quite the season yet for picking blackberries or the berries of the hawthorn (haws).  We managed to dodge the downpours, but I took the opportunity to snap a few photos of the moody sky.  This backdrop really gave an atmospheric edge to the church ruins.  And naturally, such inspiration has resulted in a number of poetic scribbles…

6 thoughts on “Hedgerows, Wildflowers, Stormy Skies and Ruins – A Day of Photos

  1. I love the name of church ruins. Segenhoe. Has a real medieval feel to it. And I hate to say this, but our blackberries are further along than yours. We’ve been picking and eating as we’ve been walking. And licky you to escape a soaking. I didn’t
    Great share.

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    • It is a lovely name, and a lovely place. Dates back to the Anglo-Saxons, but then the village associated with it, over the centuries, slowly migrated down the road to the later Norman village, until there was nowt left but the church, the big house and a farm.

      Naturally, I’m jealous that your blackberries are already ripe enough to eat. Hopefully ours won’t be much longer. I’m impatient!

      Yes, we were very lucky. Sorry to hear you weren’t 😦

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