The Winter Ghost – Beta Readers Wanted

As some of you may remember from earlier in the year, I wrote a novella for a Wattpad-based competition that ran from January to April. That novella was The Winter Ghost.  It made the competition’s short list, even though it was only a first draft and had not been edited.  Not even a little bit.

Fast forward a handful of months and The Winter Ghost has now been restructured, extended and edited.  It would be great if at some point in the future I could get this little novella published (traditionally or otherwise), but before I can even start thinking of publication, it would be great to get as much feedback as I can on it.

With that in mind, I have a question for you…would you like to beta read The Winter Ghost?  Here’s everything you need to know…

What’s it about?

Here’s the original summary from Wattpad:

At nineteen, Rhyshard Pellian, son of Tershard Pellian, Lord of Kamvor, has been told by his father that he must take on the role of Acting Lord for the duration of winter. Sent to a town he can barely remember, to watch over a people he cannot recall, he is in a strange place, surrounded by strangers. But things are set to get all the stranger…
Folklore and real life are about to collide…As winter closes in on the town and the weather worsens, rumours of The Winter Ghost are whispered. Is this the year the ghost is set to return, leaving terror and death in its wake?
And what does this mean for Rhyshard Pellian? Mysteries and secrets abound as the Acting Lord of Kamvor does all he can to avert disaster. But is it enough?
* * *
The Winter Ghost is a paranormal mystery set in a fantasy world.

Here’s a little more information

  • The story is not overly grisly or gory.  It’s not a horror story.
  • There’s no bad language or adult content.

What will you have to do?

  • Read The Winter Ghost (obvious, I know).  It’s 100 pages long (A4, double-spaced); that’s approximately 30,000 words.  I’ll email it to you as a PDF.
  • Fill out the questionnaire that I will email with the PDF.  This document contains 22 questions and will be sent as a .rtf

I would hope that beta readers could have this completed and returned within a month, if possible.  You don’t need to have any prior experience of beta reading to help me out.  All you need to do is give me your honest opinion on what you’ve read.  The questions in the questionnaire are designed to help you do that.

What will you get in return?

  • My heartfelt thanks, naturally
  • A “thank you” in the acknowledgements section of the book, should it get published
  • I will happily return the favour and beta read something of the same length for you.  Whether this is part of a novel (don’t worry, I’m likely to offer to beta read the whole thing for you, should you need it, but I can’t commit to anything of that length right now), one or more short stories, a flash fiction or poetry collection…you get the idea.  Just send me an email and we’ll sort something out.

How do you go about volunteering as a beta reader?

Send an email to: expressing your interest and I will send you the two files mentioned above.

Any questions?  Let me know in the comments or send me an email.

I think that’s everything.  Thanks so much for reading…this was a long post.  Anyone who made it all the way to the end is a star 🙂

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