The Dream of a Dream-Weaver (Lyr #39)

This is Part 39 of an on-going serial I’m writing called, “Lyr the Enchanter”. To read the story from the beginning, you can find the story index, here.

Magic. It was everywhere. Only it wasn’t. It was nowhere. One minute it was here, the next…poof! Gone!

The air about me was filled with brightly coloured clouds bursting before they disappeared. Pinks, purples, blues, greens, yellows…so many colours…so many pretty colours.

I walked up to one of the bubbles, fascinated by the way it sparkled, by the way it moved. It was the magic inside, dancing, swaying under the influence of its own energy. Then, as if by magic, for I saw no hand, no-one responsible, the bubble ruptured, dispersing the vibrant residue as the magic vanished. I went over to the next one, and the process started again.

The more I saw, the more upset I became, though I couldn’t work out why. Something was eluding me.

‘Where are you going?’ I called out to the magic but received no answer. ‘Stay! I command you!’

Only then did I see the chains…

Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #39 | Word count: 154 – a few words over…I think I’m a little rusty, after all it’s been over a month since I updated this story…I must try harder next time.

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