A few thoughts on my experience of using Wattpad…

My start to 2020 has been very quiet blogging-wise, and for that I apologise.  Although I have been absent, I have been writing and editing, and have had some of my flash fiction and short stories published in a couple of anthologies, but more on that next week.  For now I want to talk briefly about my experiences on Wattpad, specifically last year…

The first question that might come to mind is, “Why?”  The answer is simple: On the 1st February 2020, the Wattpad-based Open Novella Contest (ONC) returns for its third year. (Note: it’s not affiliated with Wattpad but run by the Ambassadors Team, who apply to volunteer to give their time to the Wattpad community).

The contest is simply this: write a novella (20,000 – 40,000 words) in response to one of the many prompts issued on the day the contest opens, and have it completed within 12 weeks.

I had so much fun entering it last year.  I loved every minute of it and it was one of the highlights of my year.  For the 2019 contest I wrote The Winter Ghost, which I have since edited, sent out to beta readers and I’m currently working my way through my final edits, in the hope that it might see publication, in some shape or form, in the not-too-distant future.

So why am I telling you this?  In my opinion, if you were thinking of joining the Wattpad platform, now would be an interesting and exciting time to do it, at least in my opinion, and in terms of joining in with this particular contest.  I’ve found the community surrounding the ONC to be supportive and encouraging, as are all the participants I’ve had the pleasure to interact with, many of whom I’m still interacting with a year later.

Wattpad works best for writers when they interact with others on the platform.  That is one of the main ways users find the stories you publish.  And, with anything, the more you put in, the more you will get out of it (on the whole).  A contest like the ONC gives you a framework to connect with others.  Last year I found writers were eager to discover new-to-them writers, but also to see how other participants interpreted the same prompt they had used.  And, there were some mind-blowingly brilliant stories written for it.

So there are my two pennies-worth of thoughts on the subject, and just so you know, I’m not affiliated with Wattpad or the contest 😉  I will be joining in again this year, and like in 2019, I’ll be posting progress reports here on the blog as the contest unfolds.

If you’re on Wattpad, you can find my profile page here. Follow me and I’ll follow you back, or drop your profile handle in the comments below and I’ll follow you – that way, I can read what you’ve been writing.  And, if you are on the site, will you be entering the Open Novella Contest?

Have a great weekend, and happy reading and writing!


17 thoughts on “A few thoughts on my experience of using Wattpad…

  1. This does sound like a great experience, Sammi. Sadly, February is not a great time for me, I’m a florist and I can’t imagine trying to write a novella round the hell that is Valentine’s Day! Hope you have a terrific time, though and good luck with the novella

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  2. I remember well the story you wrote last year. And I’m hoping to see it published, in one form or another. I know you’ve put a lot of work into it. And it’s a damned good story. I wish you better than well with it!

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  3. That’s quite a challenge, to write a whole novella on the spot like that, based on someone else’s prompt. But you’ve excelled at it — good for you! Best of luck repeating your positive experience, both in terms of writing and of meeting other writers, with the 2020 ONC!

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    • Thanks so much, Joy! Yes it is a challenge, but thankfully the prompts are vague enough for you to run with them in pretty much any direction and for any genre (or mash-up of genres). The hardest part is picking which prompt to use – if I’m not mistaken, there are around 70 to choose from! 🙂

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  4. A friend of mine and I have accounts as yet unused on Wattpad. We were recently discussing if we should finally get our arses into gear and try it properly. I dunno about participating in a contest but as a platform to get a book going, just maybe!

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