“A Chance Encounter” in “The Moon Garden”

I’ve been lucky enough to have two of my short stories selected for “Best of 2019” anthologies from two separate publishers…A big thank you to the editors / compilers of each book for considering and including my work…

A Chance Encounter

I submitted A Chance Encounter back in late Summer last year, to Hawthorn and Ash from Iron Faerie Publishing, thinking it would only make it onto their website.  But, the format then changed to include the possibility of an ebook and print book, for which I was super excited. That was in the autumn, I think.  Hawthorn and Ash (volume 1) was released in December 2019. Then, while I was on holiday in December, I got the notification that this little story of mine had been selected for Iron Faerie’s “Best of” anthology for 2019.  It was such great news to return home to!  And isn’t that cover stunning!

So what’s the story about? As the title suggests, a chance encounter.  With what? A fairy…


The Moon Garden


I’ve spoken about The Moon Garden on this blog before (see here), when the anthology it was selected for, Gardens of Enchantment from Fantasia Divinity, was released. To learn it was selected for inclusion in their “Best of” anthology, “Ghosts of The Past 2019”, put a great big smile on my face.  Every writer has a handful of stories that they’re really proud of, and this is one of mine…

The Moon Garden focuses on Alexa Harrison, who has just moved into a new house.  However, there’s a discrepancy between the maps of the property and what can actually be seen.  It’s a mystery Alexa can’t let go of, but there’s a price to pay for learning the truth…


Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend!

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