No Words


There are no words to tell you how much I love you

There are no words to explain how I hurt when you’re gone

There are no words to whisper in the night when I miss you

There are no words to utter when I need you to lean on


You can see in my eyes

All you need to know

So promise me this:

You’ll never leave, never go…

I found this poem in my draft folder from last November. Not exactly sure why I never got around to sharing it, but its discovery this morning meant I didn’t have to write a new poem today…Instead, I’ve been tagged in a couple of award posts (thank you to those who have nominated me) and I have a couple of writerly posts to pen, so I will make a start on them…Hopefully I will get around to posting them soon, but no promises as I am in the middle of a submission frenzy…

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #130 – Ineffable | Word count: 70 – I haven’t included the prompt word here – Shock! Horror!Β  I know…But I reckon I got the essence of the word in there, and, in the spirit of being ineffable, it didn’t need saying πŸ˜‰ Perhaps that’s why I didn’t post it last year…

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