The Angry Cavalier

The cavalier wasn’t laughing.  His wig was all askew as he drew his sword and charged at the intruder.  How dare anyone enter his home without his leave? He seethed, he raged, at their audacity.

‘Name yourself!’ he cried.  ‘State your business!’

No answer.

‘Who sent you?’

Waving the point of his blade menacingly, he charged at the figure, before passing through the wall.

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #165 – Cavalier | Word count: 64

24 thoughts on “The Angry Cavalier

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    • Thank you, Joy. Yes, it wasn’t the easiest getting that story down into 64 words without losing too much of the explanation. I fear I was very close to being tripped up by my own writing prompt with this one! 🙂

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      • It’s so hard to say much in such a short word count! I’ll admit that I’ve given up on it. It takes me so much more time to pare a story down, and I keep wanting to say more and being unable to. Even 100 words is too short for me these days. 150 is the bare minimum. Although these days I’m not writing anything. Just finished a CRAZY long and huge project at work, in time to go to another eye surgery tomorrow, after which I won’t be able to use the computer for 2-3 weeks. So that’s why you won’t be hearing from me. In the meantime, happy writing!


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