Tick Tock Time Travel- publication news

Earlier this month, Black Hare Press released a 500 word fiction anthology, Tick Tock: A Time Travel Anthology, and I’m pleased to share I have a piece of flash fiction in it. My thanks to the editors for including the story.

My tale, The Amulet, (which I enjoyed writing immensely), tells the story of the inquisitive Belle and the cautious Jax, who are sent by their boss to collect a mysterious object only for its magic to begin working. They don’t know how to control it or how to get back home, but what they do learn, and quickly, is the pesky thing seems to have a habit for getting them into very dangerous situations…

Here’s the summary of the anthology from Amazon:

Ever wondered what the world would be like if you could travel to a different point in time? What could you fix? Where would you go? When would you go?

Lose a few hours as you explore limitless time.

Find it on Amazon

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