Excavating the Archives: Maintaining the Mask

A random photo…

I couldn’t keep the puzzlement from my face.  I had always tried to keep up with the mental trampolining of my best friend, but sometimes, like now, it was no good.  I was lost mid jump.

I could have just said, ‘What are you going on about?’ But that had never been our way.

It would have revealed that I was perhaps not as smart as I liked to think I was, or as clever as I liked to pretend. No, the ruse needed to be maintained. Let the mask slip and who knew what the consequences would be. It could change the nature of our friendship forever.

‘Elucidate,’ I prompted, sounding far calmer than I felt.  In for a penny and all that…

This was first shared on this site in July 2020.  You can find the original post here.

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