The Beguiling of Merlin (a poem)

Since posting the latest Weekend Writing Prompt, where the word is “Beguile”, my thoughts each time I sat down to try and write a response went to one of my favourite paintings: The Beguiling of Merlin by Edward Burne-Jones.  This beautiful picture had already inspired me to write two linked drabbles, one from Nimue’s POV and the other from Merlin’s, back in 2015. And so I wondered, could I create a 51 word poem using the 200 words I wrote back then?  The answer: yes, but not in 51 words…

The Beguiling of Merlin by Edward Burne-Jones (picture credit: Wikipedia)

The Beguiling of Merlin

Air full of the heady scent of blossom
She swayed captivatingly in the soft moonlight,
An enticing smile playing on her lips.

Words, ancient and powerful, escaped her lips
She caught his eye
And laughed sweetly.

Drowsily he watched her.
Everything about her was enchanting: her voice, her movement.
The very air tingled as if…

Returning her smile,
He knew it didn’t matter.
It couldn’t have been important.

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt 194: Beguile | Word Count: 70 – yes, that’s 19 words over…

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