11 word responses to Weekend Writing Prompt #196 – Possess were a little like buses this weekend…nothing, then a few came along at once… πŸ˜‰


Not Mine To Possess

You’ve free will

To do as you choose

I cannot command


Fractured Relationship

“Acting up”, am I?

Or perhaps “possessed”?

I’m a woman scorned


Love Without Ownership

You’re mine

But don’t belong to me

You possess my heart


The Possession – a horror(ish) story told in 11 word instalments

Possessed, she walked out the door, knife in hand, and mission-focused.

Staring blankly, unaware of everything, even the screams, she set off.

With no control, she was at the mercy of his ghost.

And he had a plan, one carefully forged after his death.

He’d had to bide his time. Wait patiently. And he did.

Until now. His wait was over. The woman, his instrument, possessed.

One he’d left behind. One more body he meant to collect.

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