NaNoWriMo 2021

It’s mid-October, so naturally my mind has turned to this year’s NaNoWriMo. For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, where writers challenge themselves to write 50,000 words over 30 days just for the fun of it!

And, when I signed into the website to announce my project for 2021, I realised that this year will be the tenth time I’ve participated in the challenge. Woohoo!

So what am I working on this year? There is always a part of me that wants to start a new writing project for NaNo. I can’t help it. I’m a serial starter, who suffers severely from an over-abundance of inspiration. Yes, I want to write ALL the stories. But…I know I can’t start another story when I have so many WIPs. Sigh.

For the past two NaNo’s I have turned my attention to completing projects (or, at the very least, making progress on on-going projects), and this year will be no different. Here’s the project summary I uploaded to the site, along with this year’s project front cover:

I’ve a list of half-finished projects that I want to complete…some are short stories, some are collections of flash fiction, poetry and short stories, whilst others are novels and novellas…my aim is finish some of them…as many as I can over the course of November.

My one rule: not to move on to the next project until I’ve finished the one I’ve been working on.

The first step…to decide which projects I’ll be adding to my short list 🙂

No edited words will be counted towards my total word count, only new words written in November. That should give me the opportunity to finish a handful of projects – I hope!

So, over the next few days, I’m going to be working on this short list. But…I have decided that, because this will be my third NaNo in a row where I try and wrap up projects, next year I will rewards myself with being able to start something new. Yay! I’m excited already!

Are you doing NaNo this year? If yes, what are you working on? You can find my NaNo profile by searching for “Sammi Cox” under the “Find Buddies” section of the site. Then we can be buddies 😀

Another NaNo question: groups. I’ve yet to join in / participate with any groups over on the NaNo site (except for the private cabin our little wordpress-based writing group had a few years ago – Go Plot Bunnies!). What are your thoughts on these groups? Do you find them helpful and supportive – or not? Or have you yet to join a group? Maybe you don’t want to, don’t have time for one, or haven’t find the right one…I would love to hear your views.

14 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2021

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  2. I’m still in the seriously contemplating stage. I have started the same project countless times. I know editing is a no-no, so maybe I’ll just start over using what I started as my outline. I know it’s a cheat but hey…

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  3. Yes. I am literally lining up my October ducks so that I can write about 2k words each November day. My longer term goal is to compete a memoir writing course/workbook and get back to a memoir I began in Nano a while back. But first I want to write to 127 memoir prompts provided by Writers Write. Each prompt will be a flash memory story of about 400 to 500 words. I plan to write to 4 or 5 prompts per day, getting to 50k words for the month. Bill R. in Nano.

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    • It sounds like you have a well-thought out plan for November, Bill. I find when you know exactly what you want to write and have it broken down into manageable pieces, that 50k target seems a lot easier to reach. Wishing you all the best with your project. I’ve sent you a buddy invitation over on the NaNo site 🙂

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