How Not To Defuse An Argument

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“You great big…flummox!’ she hissed.

“You know that’s not the proper use of the word, right?” She was angry and I knew such a comment would only make things worse.

Her face reddened. “What?”

“You called me a “flummox” as if it was an insult, but it means to baffle. Bewilder.”

“Your point?”

“Your grasp of the English language is not what it should be.”

We had now entered dangerous territory. After all, my degree was in physics and hers was in English Literature.

She glared. I could see her jaw clenching and unclenching. “Would you have been happier if I had dropped an expletive?”

“I suppose it depends on which one.”

The plate she was holding smashed on the floor at her feet. It was time to make my exit.

Written for: Weekend Writing Prompt # 247 | Word count: 131 words

So, a few weeks late in posting this, though it was written the weekend of the prompt. Also, well over the word count…never mind…

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