Some Sad News and an Explanation

But first an apology. My sudden, unexplained absence and lack of posting on the blog worried a number of you, for which I am truly sorry. I’m so thankful to be part of such a wonderfully caring and supportive community here on WordPress and I wholeheartedly appreciate every email and message sent my way over the past few weeks. In future, I will remember not to disappear without explanation.

Now on to the sad news and the reason for my sudden absence…almost two weeks ago, one of my cats passed away.

Khepri was my little cuddle monster, and the bestest friend anyone could ask for.

He would sit with me when I would write. Ever the smarty-pants editor, he would walk across my keyboard and change what I thought made perfect sense into random lengths of code-like gibberish.

He would always sit with me as I crafted, designed and worked on my art, doing his best to get to his favourite spot – sitting on my shoulder like a parrot!

If I was curled up reading under a blanket, you could guarantee Khepri would be there too, curled up on the blanket and trying his damnedest to take up as much of it as he could.

And when I was cooking, he was never far away. The sound of packets rustling – in fact, any rustling – and he would be there in an instant, wondering what was going on and whether it was of any interest to him.

He enjoyed sitting on part-finished puzzles. He enjoyed sleeping on my notebooks, even when I was trying to write in them. He absolutely loved padding on handknitted cardigans and blankets that took months to make. But more than anything, he loved cuddles.

He was a big part of our lives and involved in everything in the house, and now he’s gone our home feels empty without him.

And that’s why I’ve been absent. Heartbreak and sadness led to apathy and I didn’t want to switch on the computer, check emails or social media. In fact, I withdrew from the world for a bit as I tried to find my bearing. But I’m back now, still sad of course, yet ready to return. After all, I owe it to the little cat who got me through so much not to founder now.

63 thoughts on “Some Sad News and an Explanation

  1. Big hugs sent your way, Sammi. Nothing worse than when we don’t expect it to happen. They are more than pets; they are members of our family and there loss is just as painful.
    Glad to see you back and moving forward. He will always have a place in your heart.

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  2. It sounds like you lost a child, so sad๐Ÿ˜” Your description of his behaviour depicts that of my 20 month old child๐Ÿ˜‡ Hold on to those sweet memories and know that his soul goes on in another space in time๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

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  3. My condolences again for your loss. Thanks for sharing the photo and your lovely tribute to Khepri. It’s nice to ‘meet’ him, and learn more about what he meant to you. He sounds like a wonderful cuddle cat and stalwart friend. May we all be so lucky to share our lives with such loving creatures, even if it never feels quite long enough. โค

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  4. I am very sorry for your loss, Sammi. Losing a fur baby, a daily companion who loves with no boundaries… is so hard. I hope you’ll engage in some self-care activities to try and sooth your pain. Sending hugs โค

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