Sorta-Sonnets…can I write one?

You might have heard that over on Whispers and Echoes, we currently have a very special open call: Sorta-Sonnets from Guest Editor, Bartholomew Barker.

The call has been open for a few weeks now (and closes on the 24th June 2022), and since then I’ve been wondering if I am able to write one. Those who have been here a while will know I do try and write some poetry, mainly free verse, sometimes haikus. And I have been lucky enough to have had some of my poetry published. However, I have never in my life written a sonnet. But can I write a sorta-sonnet?

I’m going to try.

Bartholomew Barker explained in the submissions call post what the rules are for a sorta-sonnet:

  • 14 line poem
  • under 100 words
  • no rhyme

Nice. Simple. Clear instructions. And best of all, there’s no need to get to grips with a particular meter and rhyming scheme. It sounds do-able…

So here’s my first attempt at a sorta-sonnet:

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These Words

I craft worlds out of words
That only exist in my head
These words build cities and
Grow gardens, make history as
Well as bake cakes
These words that create
Transform into people, with
Thoughts and actions all their own
And so my words become theirs
Or is it the other way around?
These words...their voices
My craft...their art
My daydreams...their adventures
All inside my head

25 thoughts on “Sorta-Sonnets…can I write one?

  1. Nice poem, Sammi! But I’m confused about this idea of a sorta-sonnet. How is it anything like a sonnet if it isn’t in iambic pentameter and doesn’t use on a classic sonnet rhyme scheme? Well, more poems are good, no matter what you call them. (Although I’d love to see more real sonnets, yay!)

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    • I’m very loose with my definitions. I consider any 14 line poem a sonnet, especially if it has a turn in it. Just like any short three line poem that “pops” at the end is a haiku. I’m more about the meanings of the lines than their stress or rhyme.

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    • Thanks so much, Joy.
      I am no good at writing poetry that has so many rules lol The Sorta-Sonnet is as close as I’ll ever get to writing a sonnet, I think. 🙂
      However, I do find this sort of exercise extremely helpful as a gentle introduction to a more complicated form. Once you get to grips with the version with fewer rules, you can add the harder elements in, one by one 🙂

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