Cold and Grey

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Give me the cold and grey
The picturesque monotone
Of a watercolour painting
Brush strokes in variations of
British weather

Enchant me with silver skies
Charm me with hard granite and rocky outcrops
Offer me storm clouds as love tokens
And downpours as a sign you're missing me
Give me the cold and grey

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #264: Picturesque | Word count: 54


18 thoughts on “Cold and Grey

  1. There is something strikingly beautiful, to me, about the silver clouds of a rainy day. Storms are so often given a negative light with words like “violent” or “looming”, but sometimes they are such a blessing to us. If it has been overwhelmingly hot (like it has here in the southern states), they are a respite from the blistering weather. Sometimes it serves as a gentle excuse to stay indoors and enjoy our creature comforts with books or other creative outlets, as if life is telling you to slow down and give yourself a moment to breathe and not be rushed to the next thing. This poem really resonates with me, today. Having worked out in the heat most of the week, a big, blustery thunderboomer would be really nice. I could just go outside and stand in it!

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