13 Days of Samhain (volume iii) – A Horror / Halloween Writing Prompt Challenge

For the third year I’m hosting 13 Days of Samhain, a Horror / Halloween writing prompt challenge. I’ve enjoyed it the past two years and I hope those who have joined it with it have too! (For those interested, you can find the previous years’ prompts here and here).

So, without further ado, here are the 13 prompts for 2022, with the first prompt beginning tomorrow, 20th October, and the last prompt, Day 13, falling on November 1st:

If you do decide to join in, I hope you have lots and lots of fun.  Write whatever you wish, as long as it is inspired by that day’s prompt.  Here’s a little graphic / badge for anyone who wants it:

For the first year, I wrote a tanka in response to each prompt. Last year I wrote the serial story Damon the Demon, which I enjoyed so much and have begun turning it into a novella. For this year, I plan to write another Damon the Demon story, though I plan to cap my daily efforts to around 500-600 words max…I don’t want to tire myself out before NaNoWriMo starts next month!

125 thoughts on “13 Days of Samhain (volume iii) – A Horror / Halloween Writing Prompt Challenge

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    • Thanks so much, Crispina. I know how busy you are. Like you, I’m super busy and can hardly find a moment to breathe. LOL. But I have at least managed to set aside a little time for this, if not much else…


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  7. Thanks, Sammi. Posted my day 1 and noticed that it actually pingbacked here. Yay! So, now I’m getting ready to let my second one go, and was wondering where to pingback it… I saw Joanne posted hers here so I will follow. Thanks for this. As long as I’m able, I hope to go right down your lovely prompt list. Thanks again.

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