The Lazy Bones of a Revenant

Here’s part 2 of my new Damon the Demon story, Cemetery Blues…Read from the beginning here.

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Damon had been duped on a number of occasions by the residents of the cemetery. Some had been as the result of harmless jokes, which he had eventually seen the funny side of. However, some had been deadly. Last year, Damon had almost found himself the blood sacrifice of one Artemon of the Black River, who had wanted to use him to unlock all the wealth and power from The Well of Unending Riches.

He stared hard at Jabez. Jabez was a trouble-maker. Jabez also thought himself a comedian. Of course, Damon had never found a single one of his jokes the slightest bit funny. The question was, was this ruse part of one?

‘Did you hear me, Damon? Something very bad has happened and well, blimey. I’ve never seen the like. Hello?’ He waved one of his hands in the air trying to get the attention of the demon who was currently lost in his own thoughts.

It worked. Damon snapped out of it only to ask, ‘Jabez, what happened to your hand?’

The hand that the revenant was waving was missing the three top digits from the three middle fingers.

Jabez stared for a moment at the appendages, and then clicked the fingers of the other hand when realisation dawned. ‘I hit the gravestone with some force, didn’t I?’ His attention was momentarily diverted as he scoured the ground for the three missing bones, which he duly found at the base of Mabel Collin’s headstone.

He explained as he pushed them back into the floppy, grey skin, ‘It’s my lazy bones, isn’t it.’ He sighed. ‘If only my girlfriend hadn’t taken so long to resurrect me, I wouldn’t be in this state…I suppose I shouldn’t complain. I’m here now, that’s all that matters.’

Damon coughed. ‘Getting back to the issue at hand…no pun intended. What has happened?’

‘You’re not going to believe me.’

‘Try me.’

‘Come on,’ Jabez encouraged, beckoning him with his now almost fully restored limb, save for the slightly decomposing condition of it.

‘Where are we going?’

‘To the scene of the crime.’

‘Which is where?’ Damon asked, exasperated.

‘This way. Trust me, Damon. You’re going to need to see this to believe it.’

To be continued…

Read Part 3 Here

Written for: 13 Days of Samhain vol iii: Day 2: Lazy Bones

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