At The Bone House

Here’s part 9 of my new Damon the Demon story, Cemetery Blues…Read from the beginning here.

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The sky was beginning to lighten, and all traces of the storm, except for the damp grass and puddles, had gone. Tabitha was in no mood to go home and sulk. Instead, she offered her services to help Damon find out who had hurt Shelly.

Together they crossed the cemetery, heading to the Jennings mausoleum. When they arrived at the bone house, nothing looked out of place. That was, until Damon approached the door. It was slightly ajar.

‘Wait here while I check it’s safe,’ Damon said, insisting Tabitha remain on the path that ran in front of the row of monumental burials.

Tabitha rolled her eyes. ‘Even in death, guys still have to be macho, don’t they? You do know it’s the twenty first century, Damon. Forcing people into traditional gender roles is frowned upon now.’

‘Tabitha. You’re not exactly equipped to fight a horde of bonestealers, are you?’

‘All right. Point taken. Go if you’re going.’

Damon pushed open the door and was shocked by what he found; a level of desecration he had never before seen in this cemetery. Tombs had been smashed open, and the departed had been disturbed. The question was, where were the ghosts of the Jennings family?

‘Hello?’ he called out, but received no answer.

He retraced his footsteps back to the door and beckoned Tabitha inside.

‘Oh my! This is awful!’ Tabitha said. ‘How could anyone do this?’

Damon didn’t know how to answer that. Instead he said, ‘ Take a look around and see if you can find any clues.’

They began their search. Damon could see perfectly well in the darkness of the vault, thanks to his demon-ness. Tabitha used the torch on her phone.

‘Look at this,’ Damon said, handing over the scrap of paper he had found, half hidden beneath a broken fragment of stone. ‘It says, “Jack O’Lantern Lane”. What do you think it means?’

Tabitha’s face lit up. ‘I know exactly what it means, Damon. It’s the name of a wholesale occult supplier.’

‘And you know that because?’

‘Because I use them on occasion. And, I can’t tell you something even better.’

‘You can?’

‘Yep. I have a friend who works in their office.’

Damon’s face broke out in a smile. ‘Do you think-‘

‘I could ask them if they can find out who else they have on their books in the local area?’

‘You read my thoughts.’

Tabitha got out her mobile phone and started typing.

To be continued…

Read Part 10 Here

Written for: 13 Days of Samhain vol iii: Day 9: Jack O’Lantern Lane


8 thoughts on “At The Bone House

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  2. Methinks Damon needs to deputize Tabitha pronto. She’s turning out to be quite the detective’s assistant. She has the “inside knowledge” and Damon has the sharp eye for clues. A “wholesale occult supplier” huh? Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us! Great suspense-building writing, Sammi.

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