Knowing the Enemy

Here’s part 11 of my new Damon the Demon story, Cemetery Blues…Read from the beginning here.

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‘Oh, look. It’s Damon and Jabez,’ one of the ghosts said. ‘Sorry about that, fellas. We thought you were them bonestealers after more of our mortal remains.’

Members of the Jennings and Newcombe families quickly explained to Damon and Jabez what they were doing. They ignored Tabitha completely, being “one of them live one’s, like the ones who took our bones”.

It transpired that the two families had both had their bones disturbed and rib bones had been taken. Fearing the return of the bonestealers, they had decided to join forces and attack them should they come back for more, but they hadn’t.

‘Please ask her to leave,’ Mrs Jennings pleaded with Damon. ‘I’m not at all comfortable being in the same room as a live one. It brings it all back.’

‘Now, Mrs Jennings, you know Tabitha. She’s here to help get your bones back.’

‘She is?’ Mrs Newcombe didn’t sound too sure.

‘Yes. She is.’

At that moment, Tabitha’s phone started to ring, making them all jump.

‘I’ll take it outside,’ Tabitha said and then slipped out the door. She returned a few minutes later. ‘Got them!’ she announced triumphantly.

‘Who are they?’

‘A high-end occult jewellery company called “Exquisitely Bonafide”. Bonafide sounds like bone. I imagine they were very pleased with themselves for that. More importantly, they have a little shop that backs onto the cemetery.’

‘Right. Let’s go,’ Damon declared.



‘Not yet.’


‘Because I think we are going to need a plan.’

‘She’s right, Damon,’ Jabez interjected. ‘Best do it properly, if we’re going to do it at all. Barging in there, reading them the riot act ain’t going to get anyone’s bones back.’

Damon conceded that Tabitha and Jabez had a point.

‘All right, then. Any ideas?’

‘I have a few spells up my sleeve.’

Damon looked at her sharply. ‘Is that wise?’

‘Damon! I saved you from being sacrificed last year with a spell or two. And don’t you forget it.’

‘I won’t…only…Janey and the snakes for hair incident was a little more recent.’

‘Your lack of faith in me is really quite hurtful.’

‘Not to mention rude,’ Jabez added. ‘You want to cast a spell or two, you go ahead, love. I don’t care if these bonestealers end up with a head full of snakes or get turned into toads, rats or worms.’ Jabez put his arm around Tabitha’s shoulder. ‘I like a woman who can do magic,’ he winked.

Tabitha casually shrugged her shoulders to dislodge the offending arm and stepped away, putting a little distance between herself and Jabez. ‘Right so. You lot get thinking. I’ll see you at sunset. I have a cauldron to stir and a potion to brew.’

* * *

Sunset came around quicker than Damon would have liked, but he had the bare bones of a plans and a lot of righteous anger to make up for anything he had forgotten about. Tabitha had her concoctions. They had also had a map.

During the day, one of the Newcombe sons had done a little reconnaissance. As a ghost, he managed to sneak into the building where “Exquisitely Bonafide” was based, and not be seen. So at least they now knew the lie of the land.

They were as prepared as was possible. There was nothing else to do but go and pay these bonestealers a visit.

To be continued…

Read Part 12 Here

Written for: 13 Days of Samhain vol iii: Day 11: Stirring the Cauldron

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  2. “Exquisitely Bonafide”! LOL. And so is your story, a bonafide howler of a thriller. Can’t wait to hear how their plan unfolds with a little diplomacy here, and a little concoction there. 🙂

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