An Andromache Jones Mysteries Update

At the start of the month (in this post), I said that while I was on my blogging break over Christmas and New Year, I had been working on my witchy sleuth cosy mystery series, the Andromache Jones Mysteries. I also said that this year I was planning on reposting The Magician, the first short story in the series, here on the blog. The reason: it’s been 10 years (last October) that I released The Magician out into the world as a free ebook. It seemed a milestone worth celebrating.

In order to do this, I’ve had a long list of things to do, some of which are still in progress:

  • New covers needed to be designed (Done ✔)
  • I wanted to re-edit the story, just to make sure it aligned with some of the newer Andromache stories I’ve been writing (Currently in Progress 🖋)
  • This website needed updating because some of the content in the AJM link on the menu looked dated (Done ✔)
  • Wattpad needed updating so that it had the current edition of the story (Currently in Progress 🖋)
  • The new covers needed to be added to Goodreads (Not done ❌)

The only thing I have consciously decided not to do at this time is to update the ebook (available at Smashwords and other online sites but not Amazon). The reason is two-fold. First, the majority, though by no means all, of the recents reads have come from Wattpad. Secondly: because I’ve been pondering taking the ebook down, so when time is at a premium (why are there not more hours in the day?!), it feels like I would be wasting it . Of course, I may change my mind…We shall see…

New covers for The Magician and The Apparition

I had so much fun re-designing the book covers. I love the original ones but I felt they suggested the stories were more thriller-mystery rather than cosy mystery. They also look a lot more professional, but then I’ve got 10 years more experience at designing book covers.

What do you think?

About the Andromache Jones Mysteries

Andromache Jones is a tarot-reading witch from the sleepy village of Bramblesgrove, where she runs River Gardens Mystical Services. From here, she gives tarot readings, casts runes, gazes lovingly at the moon and stars, plays with crystals and herbs…and sometimes solves crimes. She likes to think of herself as a part-time private detective who untangles mysteries, but really she is an amateur sleuth who happens to attract trouble – and troublesome clients.

The Magician is the first (short) story in the Andromache Jones Mysteries. Andromache Jones has somehow managed to capture the attention of The Magician and finds herself caught up in The Game, his challenge that has very real life and death consequences, and not only for her. Can she complete the test he has set in the allotted time and live to see another day, or will failure, and The Magician triumph?

You can read more about the Andromache Jones Mysteries, and my plans for the series, over on this newly updated page.

When can you expect the first chapter of The Magician to be posted on this site? Tomorrow…If you do have a read of it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Brightest Blessings,

Sammi x


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