Tolkien Tuesday #47…On a Thursday

~ 2 March 2023 ~

Apologies for this post being a few days late…A super-comment-catch-up-marathon will be coming tomorrow, if I don’t get round to it this evening.

Thanks so much for your patience with me 🙂

The Reading, and Ensuing Thoughts

This week we conclude Book 3, Chapter 2: The Riders of Rohan.

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On spotting Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, the riders of Rohan turn about and encircle the three strangers to this land in an impressive display of skill and horsemanship. Once introductions are made and identities revealed, the remnants of the Fellowship learn that the horsemen, led by Eomer, Third Marshal of Riddermark, had chased down and slain the entire company of Orcs they themselves had been following. Of the two hobbits, they saw no sign, and offered no hope in them finding them alive.

News is then shared between them. Eomer explains the state of affairs in Rohan: Saruman has claimed lordship over Rohan, Gandalf had fallen out of favour with the king, servants of Sauron have stolen the majority of the black horses from the country inciting a rumour that they were paying tribute to Mordor, and that not all Rohan’s enemies are to be found outside its borders.

Aragorn then explains what it is he knows (and can share): Boromir was slain by the Orcs Eomer and his men had killed, Gandalf fell to his doom in the Mines of Moria, that war is coming and there are only two choices: fighting with Sauron or against him, as well as revealing that he, Aragorn, is Isildur’s heir.

Once again, Eomer says there is no chance they will find the hobbits. Yet the three won’t be swayed from their quest and are not ready to give up on Merry and Pippin, even though Eomer has asked them to join with them. On hearing this, Eomer lets them go and gives them horses, but he has put himself at risk by doing so in allowing strangers to wander their lands in these dark times. Aragorn promises that once their search is over they will meet him at Meduseld and meet with the king, to prove they were worthy of Eomer’s trust.

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli ride off in the direction of Fangorn forest, where they have been warned by Celeborn not to enter too far. They find the pile of smoldering ashes, all that remains of the Orcs, and Aragorn does his best to search for trail or clue as to the hobbits whereabouts or fate. He finds nothing.

They spend the night in the shadow of the forest, only using fallen and dead branches for their fire. They take it in turns to keep watch, but while Gimli is on guard, an old man in a hat appears suddenly on the other side of the fire. His reaction wakes the other two, and though Legolas and Aragorn see him too, the old man disappears when Aragorn invites him to join them. Then they notice the horses are gone, and cannot be found again. Recalling what Eomer said of Saruman, Gimli thinks he knows the identity of their visitor.

I really love the exchange between Eomer and Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas. I can never help but smile as I read the quips and insults thrown about. Also Eomer’s description of Saruman is fantastic: “he is a wizard both cunning and dwimmer-crafty, having many guises.”

If Aragorn doubted himself and his choices in the previous weeks’ reading, he is certainly carrying himself with more surety and confidence now. As he speaks to Eomer, he knows he can trust him to do the right thing, and both Gimli and Legolas recognise the change in him.

Next week we will begin Book 3, Chapter 3: The Uruk-Hai.

Middle Earth Musings and Meditations

This week, my musing is on storytelling…

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As I read, I found myself thinking that Eomer’s reaction to what he’s being told by Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas, mirrors the readers reaction to the story being told to them by Tolkien. It is fantastical and wonderful and a little bit dangerous, and so he listens in fascination and wonder at what he is being told about the Lady in the Golden Wood, the sword that was broken being forged anew, and that Halflings have left the world of stories to walk amongst them.

And speaking of stories and storytelling, this quote, spoken by Aragorn, and discussing how events are remembered and retold by later generations, seems fitting: “For not we but those who come after will make the legends of our time.”


Last week it was announced that Warner Bros are planning on making new Lord of the Rings films.

And, I must admit, I’m excited by this, especially if Peter Jackson and the team are involved (somehow), and if the aesthetics match the films already made. The scope for which stories they have available, given the rights they have, certainly makes me pause and wonder and dream…I know what films I would like to see – the War in the North and the Angmar war immediately spring to mind.

What do you think of this news? What films would you like to see, if any?

The Lord of the Rings Question of the Week

What are your thoughts on our first meeting with the people of Rohan?

I think this meeting with the riders of Rohan tells us a lot about Middle Earth at that time. Suspicion abounds. You can’t simply look at someone and know whether they are friendly or the enemy. You don’t know who trust. And, even after speaking with them, how do you know whether they are telling the truth?

Eomer knows that Aragorn is telling the truth when he speaks (“Men of the Mark do not lie, and therefore are not easily deceived), but equally knows he is holding something back. And yet it is clear, that some of the riders with Eomer, Eothain especially, are not convinced, and their suspicion is not easily cast aside.


8 thoughts on “Tolkien Tuesday #47…On a Thursday

  1. I, too, enjoyed the exchange between our people and the riders of Rohan. It is, of course, disconcerting that they saw no signs of our hobbits but then, no sign is better than remains. I love that they trusted them enough to lend them horses, even if their use was so short-lived.
    I do wonder who that person was, who appeared and disappeared.
    This chapter does show the general feeling of mistrust and fear they are all experiencing.
    New movies? Different stories, not just remaking of what already is there, I hope. I dunno…


  2. It was from reading this chapter that the story which became “Learning to Fly” took form. Lady of the Green Wood was already a legend in our village…the village of which the one-time Alain, Vicomte de Rohan was lord. And when I saw Eomer, he is the prototype for Razimer in that book. Yea, an altogether influential chapter for me.
    But a new movie? The Forging of the Nine Rings, methinks, culminating in its loss

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  3. Personally I’d prefer it if they kept the cameras out of Middle earth. I prefer the books and I’m uncomfortable with the changes or the dumbing down of things. I didn’t even see the last two Hobbit films because I was so appalled by the first one. I guess I’m probably alone in this…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Approaching Rohan we know it will be somewhat different from the description of the grass swelling up ‘like a green sea’ giving the impression there could be some ups and downs a feeling of mistrust underlies the scene – but it was gratifying that they loaned their horses. As far as a new film, I am unsure as I do love the ones we have and the actors who play the characters – but no doubt I would watch it 🙂

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