Beta-Readers Wanted!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this page.  It’s appreciated.

Currently, I’m looking for a handful of people to have a read of my poetry book.  The title of the book is, By the Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars: Poetry Inspired by Above and Below.  There are 57 poems in total, divided into four chapters: Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars, along with a brief introduction and an acknowledgements section.

Some of the poems that appear in the book have already been published here on the blog.  So, before I waste any more of your precious time, why not follow a couple of the links below and take a quick look over some of them to see if this is something you would be interested in reading.  I would hate for you to feel obligated to read the book and offer feedback on a poetry selection you won’t enjoy.

The subjects and themes covered in the poems is vast: the landscape, the sky, ecology, nature, the magic that can be found all around us, paganism, witchcraft, tarot – pretty much the same subjects I usually write about here on the blog.  As for the style of poems, they vary.  Some rhyme, some don’t.  Some are long, whilst others are short.  Some follow poetic forms, others don’t.

Now that I’ve explained what the book is about, what do you need to do if you’re still interested in reading it?

Contact me through the form on my Contact page, stating in the comment section that you are interested in beta-reading for By the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars.  Or, if you already have my email address, send me an email.

I will then send you a PDF copy of the poetry collection as it currently stands and in the body of the email will be a list of questions for you to think about / answer.  You won’t have to answer them all, just the ones you feel inclined to answer, unless, of course, you wish to.  Any help is gratefully received.  I just need to get a sense of whether this project is worth pursing or not.

Naturally, all those who read it and offer feedback will find themselves named and thanked in the acknowledgements section of the book, if it ever makes it to publication in any form.

I’ll not pretend I’m not nervous about taking this step.  I really, really am.  However, I know it’s something that I have to do.

Again, thank you for reading, and if you are interested, I look forward to hearing from you 🙂