Apple Bobbing – A Halloween-Themed Monday Inspiration

apple bobbing

It’s been a while since I posted a Monday Inspiration prompt, but with Halloween just around the corner, this photo of apples floating in the mill race seemed quite apt…

…Looking forward to seeing what you have been inspired to write…

Amongst the Ruins – Monday Inspiration

Continuing on with the recent theme of the spirit of place, I thought I would post about another place that I find incredibly inspiring, one that I had the chance to visit again over the bank holiday: a ruined and roofless church in Bedfordshire…

The church for the now vanished village of Segenhoe was dedicated to All Saints, the earliest parts of which date to the late Anglo-Saxon period.  This quiet corner is the perfect place to indulge in a little inspiration – and a cup of tea 🙂  It was raining during our visit, and the colours chosen for the photos matched the moody, gothic atmosphere perfectly…

The Magic of Angels

Inspired by this week’s Monday Inspiration – Winged Angelblack and white angel headstone

He whispered her name

Once, twice, three times

But it was the kiss

That awoke the magic

And she unfurled the angel wings

That unbeknown to her

Had forever graced her soul


But he had known

Of course he had

Until that moment

He had been the only one

To see her

For who she really was


His angel

With wings that sparkled

As her radiant spirit shone

With the majesty of a thousand rainbows

With the brilliance of an eon of sunrises


He believed in her

He loved her

He always had

He always would

For since the beginning of time

She had been

The other half of him

Never ask a dreamer…

Inspired by this week’s Monday Inspiration – Night time

Night time

Never ask a dreamer what she dreams about

For if she starts talking

If she smiles sweetly

If she takes you by the hand

You will finally understand the power of her words

As comprehension dawns on the magic she has wrought

You may wonder…

…You may not

But as sure as she is the moon

And you are the sun

The stars will guide you deep

Into her world of dreams

And there you shall remain

Loved, but lost to all, save her

For ever.