Damon the Demon Index

Welcome to the Damon the Demon Index Page.

Here you will find all the links to the first of the Damon the Demon stories, Damon the Demon and the Domain of the Dead. Yes, I am planning on adding more to this series because I’m having so much fun with it.

Below the links you will see each of the images that accompanied each “chapter”, because who doesn’t like to see photos of graveyards 😉

Damon the Demon and the Domain of the Dead

Part 1: A Suitable Job For A Monster

Part 2: Not While I’m Working

Part 3: What The Witch Couldn’t Say

Part 4: The Answer’s In The Acorn

Part 5: Bright Lights and Icy Air

Part 6: An Uneasy Reunion

Part 7: Dressed Up To The Nines

Part 8: Something Strange, Something New

Part 9: What’s In A Name?

Part 10: A Single Drop Of Blood

Part 11: The Book Speaketh

Part 12: By Wisps of Ether

Part 13: Where Two Worlds Meet