Weekend Writing Prompt Anthology – the submission guidelines!


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Two weeks ago I asked via this post whether anyone would be interested in celebrating a whole year of Weekend Writing Prompts by putting together an anthology.  From the response I think we can say that there is plenty of interest! Yay!  Thanks to everyone who responded.  I think this is going to be really exciting! 🙂

I think we know enough from that original post to get the submissions rolling right away, but there are some details that will need to be worked out over the coming weeks.  Here’s what we need to know now: the submission guidelines…

Weekend Writing Prompt Year 1 Anthology Submission Guidelines

  • All submissions must be inspired by any of the first 52 Weekend Writing Prompts. An index with clickable links to each prompt can be found here.
  • If you’ve not participated in the Weekend Writing Prompt before it doesn’t matter.  You can join in now.  Check out the Index for links to each prompt and then get writing!
  • It’s your choice whether you send over your original responses to the prompt or write new ones.
  • All submissions should be within the body of an email.  No attachments please!
  • Please submit up to five ten of your favourite responses (either poetry, fiction, non-fiction or a combination of all three), each one inspired by a different prompt. Alongside each, please state which week it is from.  For example, WWP #5.  The maximum word count for each piece is 1000 words.
  • You can submit anything you like: either responses to poetry or prose challenges or something else inspired by the prompts as long as each piece is below the maximum word limit.
  • If you want a biography alongside your work, please include one in your email.  All submissions should include a link to your blog or website and the name you want your writing attributed to (real name, pseudonym, name of website, etc).
  • Format is simple: easy to read font and left justified, with that which you want in italic or bold, in italic or bold.
  • Unfortunately I won’t be able to pay writers for their submissions because this will be a free-to-read project and no-one will be making any money from it.
  • Provisional deadline for submissions is 1st July 2018.  Note: this is not a hard and fast deadline; late submissions will be accepted after this date.  (This might be extended; it would be great if we could have at least one piece of writing for each prompt so we might need to open a second round of submissions).  UPDATE: deadline now extended to 10 September 2018.  This will be the final extension so if you want to be part of the anthology get your submissions in!  If you have any questions, please, please, please get in touch!
  • Submissions to be emailed to: deardreamingspirit@gmail.com

If you have any questions about this anthology, please feel free to ask.  Post a comment below or send me an email at the address above and I will hopefully be able to answer it.

I’ll also post these guidelines over on the Dreaming Spirit site.

With the guidelines set out, the next question, is where to publish the anthology.  As many of you who have been following my blog for a while will now, I usually use Wattpad for this type of project.  However, another idea is to create a magazine-style wordpress site.  Both are great in terms of being interactive (like / vote buttons, comment sections, adding in of media – pictures / photos / videos) etc.  So my next question to you guys is this: do you have a preference?  If you could pick only the one, which one would you chose for the anthology: Wattpad or WordPress?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Weekend Writing Prompt – Year 1 Celebration and What’s New for Year 2

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So, if you caught yesterday’s post or the most recent Weekend Writing Prompt, you will have seen that this little writing challenge has now been going for a full year!  Yay!  Before I get to explaining how Year 2 of the prompts are going to differ from Year 1, I wanted to spend a few minutes celebrating all the amazing responses to the first 52 word and picture prompts…

Year 1 Celebration

Then I had an idea…(It’s even possible someone else suggested it to me, but I can’t remember…) what if we put together an e-anthology of some of the pieces of flash fiction and poetry written for the prompts.  Currently, this is only in the brainstorming stage, but I think the process would work something like this:

  • I set a deadline, probably 6-8 weeks from now for submissions to be emailed over to me
  • submissions would consist of no more than 5 pieces of fiction, poetry, or combination of both
  • submissions would only be considered for responses to any of the 52 weekend writing prompts from the first year, and only one response per prompt per submitter
  • it would be up to you whether you send over your original responses to the prompt or write new ones
  • if you haven’t participated in the Weekend Writing Prompt before, it wouldn’t matter.  You could pick up to five prompts (all Weekend Writing Prompts can be found here) and write a response.
  • responses written to the weekly poetry and prose challenges as well as free write responses would be suitable for submission
  • I would imagine most, if not all, submitted pieces would be accepted and included in the anthology, but of course, until all the submissions were in and I could see what we had, I wouldn’t be able to guarantee it.  Not only do we want to celebrate the first year of the Weekend Writing Prompt but also make the anthology a good read.  If we end up with a dozen responses to the same prompt and nothing else, we might need to rethink this project!
  • And finally…Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to offer payment for submissions as no-one would be making any money from it.

So there are my thoughts.  I thought it would be best to put the idea out there before declaring this a “thing” and then have to look on as nothing happens 😀  I know everyone is busy and many of you have just finished a very intense month of writing; I’m in the same boat.   The Weekend Writing Prompt feels like a community, and this would be a community project, so I really do need your input.  Please let me know in the comments below whether you would be interested in joining in with this e-anthology.  If we get enough interested writers and poets, I’ll then put together a set of submission guidelines etc.

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What’s New for Year 2

In Year 1 we had a word prompt and photo prompt, with the optional poetry and prose challenges all contained within each weekend’s prompt post.

In Year 2 there will be a single word prompt, with the optional challenge of writing a poem or piece of short fiction in an exact number words (the number will change each week).  Though the format and style of response you write will be your choice, I hope having an exact number of words to stick to will stretch your creativity and fire up your imagination.

There it is.  I hope to see you all over the weekend, checking out the first of the new style prompts.  And don’t forget to comment below if you have any thoughts / suggestions for the e-anthology idea.

Thanks for reading and take care 🙂

The Magical Items that the Postman Brings…and a few updates

Wow…I can’t believe it’s February already.  Where has the start of 2018 gone?  It has been ages since I posted anything on here that wasn’t the Weekend Writing Prompt, and there were a few weekends where I thought even that might not happen 😯 .

So what have I been up to? – A Few Updates

Well, my birthday’s been and gone, making me a year older since I last posted a non-prompt related post. For presents, I got a number of beautiful things any scribbler would treasure: notebooks, pens and journal materials, as well as a few other things, including a copy of Francis Pryor’s Britain AD and the DVD box set of The Bridge season one.

In what little free time I’ve managed to scrounge together so far this year, I’ve been writing: poetry, short stories, and even my novel WIP has had some time and energy spent on it.  It feels like it’s been a slow start to the year (I remember complaining about the same thing last year!), but some progress is being made.  I’ve set myself a little personal challenge this year, which seems to be helping me make the most of my available time.  I’ve called it the “1000 words a day challenge”, where the aim is to be able to say by the end of 2018 that I have written, redrafted and edited 365,000 words.  This way, even if I don’t have time to write everyday, I can work towards the overall goal. So far, I’m on target!  Yay!

I’ve also been trying to catch up on reading some of the responses to the Weekend Writing Prompt.  I spent half of yesterday enjoying some amazing poetry and prose, from old and new participants alike.  It’s wonderful to see so many takes and interpretations of the same prompts.  You are all so very talented 🙂

Now for the second part of the post…The Magical Items that the Postman Brings

Just before Christmas, my copies of One Turn of The Wheel arrived in the post.  I still can’t believe that there is a book out there with my name on it.  I have received some lovely comments about this collection of tiny tales, and I can’t tell you how much they warm my heart and make me smile!

If you would like to read The Goblin Dance in its entirety, you can do so by heading over to the publisher’s website.  If you would like to order a copy of One Turn of The Wheel, it is available to buy as a paperback through Lulu.

At the beginning of January, my contributor’s copy of Children of Zeus arrived, containing my short story, A Family Reunion (which you can read more about, here):

And lastly, some very surprising news…during the last half of 2017, I wanted to challenge myself to send out more of poetry for publication.  For some reason, I find it harder to submit poems than I do short stories.  And so I did just that.  One of the venues I chose was Paper Swans Press, who were holding open submissions for a pocket poetry pamphlet on the theme of love.  I didn’t have any expectations of being included in the pamphlet; they made it clear that it was going to be a very small publication.  You can imagine my surprise when months later I received an email that says my poem was one of twelve that was chosen out of a couple of hundred to be selected for publication.

You can learn more about The Pocket Poetry Book of Love, including how to order one, on the publishers website.

My contributor copy of the pamphlet arrived in the post this week, and it’s just lovely!

“A Family Reunion” and an update…

A Family Reunion:

My short story, A Family Reunion, has been included in the latest Zimbell House Publishing anthology, Children of Zeus: A Collection of Mythic Tales.  The story focuses on one of Zeus’ less famous children, Pandea, a moon goddess who (for the purposes of this story) decided to keep contact with her immortal family to a minimum, choosing instead to make her home alongside mortals.  However, Zeus doesn’t like to be ignored by his children…

I had fun writing this story.  I love Greek mythology and I enjoyed seeing how many Greek gods, goddesses and heroes I could mention.  Zimbell House has a few more Greek mythology-inspired anthologies coming up and it would be fun to try and write something for another one if I can.

You can learn more about this anthology by checking it out on the publisher’s website or heading over to Goodreads.

The update:

Having spent most of the week in bed with the flu, I was overwhelmed to see such lovely comments left for me regarding the publication of One Turn of The Wheel, when I did finally feel well enough to switch the computer on.  So, I just wanted to let everyone know, I’ve not been ignoring you!

“Softly, Softly” – poem publication

My poem, “Softly, Softly”, has been published in the Peeking Cat Anthology 2017!  My thanks go to the editor, Sam Rose, for including it.

You can learn more about the anthology over on the Peeking Cat Poetry website.

A note for poets and writers: Peeking Cat Poetry are open all year round to poetry and flash fiction submissions for the monthly, Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine.

Love Letters to Gaia – a multi-author anthology of letters and poems

Love Letters to Gaia, an anthology of letters and poems inspired by the earth, from Dreaming Spirit Press, is available to read via Wattpad.

Within it you will find a selection of letters and poems written by a number of talented authors, covering a variety of themes and subjects all centred on the earth.

If you have a moment, please support the authors and poets who submitted their amazing work to the anthology, by reading, voting and commenting.

Thank you.  I hope you enjoy the anthology as much as I did 🙂

Other Dreaming Spirit Press projects coming up in 2017:

  • Whispers and Echoes Issue 2 – an online journal of small things (poems in any format as long as they are 10 lines or less; flash fiction in 100 words or less).  Submissions close 15th October 2017.  Work posted on blogs, websites and social media accepted.  Full guidelines can be found here.
  • Winter Wishes – will be the third seasonal anthology from Dreaming Spirit Press.  What does the theme “Winter Wishes mean to you?”  Let us know in a poem, micro fiction, flash fiction or a short story.  Submissions close 17 November 2017.  Full guidelines can be found here.

The Attic Room

Beautiful cover, isn’t it…

I’m so happy to share that one of my short stories has been included in another of Fantasia Divinity’s anthologies, See Through My Eyes. The anthology brings together a collection of ghost stories; my own offering is entitled, The Attic Room. 

Summary (from Goodreads)

A scream slashes through the quiet night, a chill pierces your skin. The shimmering image of a woman forms in the mist, singing a haunting lullaby. She beckons. Will you go? Featuring 25 haunting stories, SEE THROUGH MY EYES is certain to chill you to the bone and make you wonder who is real and who is not. The Living? Or the dead? Join us as the dead seek to claim their revenge upon the living!

The Attic Room

Bryony Thompson is driving to see friends who live in the middle of rural nowhere.  When her car breaks down on the way, she is forced to stop over at The Blacksmith’s Arms, an isolated country pub offering bed and breakfast.  But the ancient inn is not as quaint as it may first appear…

Useful links:

Goodreads | Amazon UK | Amazon US

A Witch’s Heart

I’m excited to announce that Fantasia Divinity have included another of my short stories in one of their anthologies. The Evil Within, is a fairy tale collection where the stories are told from an unusual perspective…that of the villain.

Description from Goodreads

Everyone knows of the Evil Queen who cursed Snow White with an apple, of the Sea Witch who offered an impossible bargain to a little mermaid, of Mother Gothel who locked Rapunzel in a secret tower, and of the wolf who tried to eat a little girl in a red hood, but no one knows why. What secrets lie in these notorious villains’ past that drove them to commit the atrocities we know so well?

Featuring 12 stories inspired by the villains from classic fairy tales and folklore, this anthology delves into the evil hiding within the stories we love.

Including stories inspired by Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin and more!

A Witch’s Heart

My story in the anthology is A Witch’s Heart, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Wild Swans”, and tells the tale of what occurred in the evil stepmother’s past that would make her want to turn her husband’s children into swans.


Amazon UK | Amazon US | Goodreads

Summer Spells – a multi-author anthology of poetry and prose

The second seasonal anthology from Dreaming Spirit Press, Summer Spells, is available to read via Wattpad.

Within it you will find a selection of poems and stories covering a whole host of themes, all of them inspired by the magic of the summer season.

So if you have a moment, please support the talented authors who sent their amazing work this way, by reading, voting and commenting.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

And, if you’re interested in joining in with any of the other projects currently open to submissions over at Dreaming Spirit Press, check out the Open Submissions page.

The Gift of Three Spells

I am so pleased to announce that I have had a short story included in one of the recent anthology releases by Fantasia Divinity.  The anthology, Distressing Damsels, is a fairy tale collection, but the stories all have a twist…

Description from Amazon

Everyone knows that the hero always saves the damsel in distress. Well, it’s time for that to change! These distressing damsels don’t need a hero, they can save themselves!

Featuring 20 stories inspired by classic fairy tales, this anthology shows that not every damsel needs a prince in shining armor to rescue her. Including stories inspired by Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Thumbelina, Snow White, The Little Match Girl, Puss in Boots and more!

The Gift of Three Spells

My story is The Gift of Three Spells and is inspired by Sleeping Beauty.  It tells of Princess Elysande, who is cursed as a child by an evil fairy, but is given The Gift of Three Spells by a kind fairy to help counter it.  However, there is only so much fairy magic can do.  If Elysande is to break the curse, she is going to need to save herself.


Amazon UK | Amazon US | Goodreads