Invisible Changes (Earthbound #4)

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I waited all night but to no avail. As the sun came up, lightening the sky and chasing away the night I knew something had changed though I couldn’t tell what.

It was a feeling, deep within me but also so far beyond me that it would be impossible to gage the distance in time and space. For whatever it was, was both before and after, both new and old. Like a friend I never had but had always known. A lesson just learned but knowledge I had always possessed.

The very notion was baffling.  How could it be?  And more importantly, how did I know that it was true?

I sighed as I came to the conclusion that I would never find the answers I sought.  As each step I took, another set of questions manifested whilst revealing nothing.

My chest tightened.  A lone tear ran down my cheek.  Was this to be my fate, then?  Was life supposed to go on, much as it always had?  Voices in the darkness?  Shadows in the night?  Riddles from the moon and stars?

After all, there was no friend here to guide me, to hold my hand and tell me everything would be all right.  I was alone.  And no knowledge that I possessed could possibly make sense of what was going on, in and around me.

Where was the wisdom in invisible changes?  And why had the incessant whispering that had plagued my dreams suddenly stopped?