Weaving Destiny

By the light of the full moon

I weave my destiny

Casting spells


Whispering words

Of magical enchantment


To create the world

I want to see


To create the world

I want to be part of


To create the life

I want to live


To create the me

I want to be


The daily prompt: Create

A Doomed Destiny

Doomed dreams, doomed hope, doomed footsteps

Eternal, everlasting, evermore

Somethings change, this never does

Till the end of days

I am fated to relive, to repeat, over and over

Never a moments peace or pause

Yet, there is one thing that can reset the cycle anew…

A little bit of lazy poetry.  I’ve purposely left the last line open-ended because I couldn’t decide in what direction to take the poem.  Supernatural and the breaking of a curse.  Romantic and the finding of a one true love.  

So the question is this: what might that one thing be that resets the cycle anew and changes this doomed destiny?  Feel free to post your thoughts and ideas below 🙂

Fighting Fate


I know it is pointless

To purposely swim

Against the current

To waste time and energy

In pursuit of that

Which is not yours to have

And yet I struggle on

Fighting fate at every turn

Arguing with destiny

As if I know better

As if I can see further

As if I understand more

Of what was, is and will be

When in actual fact

My vision is limited

My knowledge bound

By desire

Of what I want

Not what I need

Not what I am entitled to

In the hope that

Wishes might come true

Dreams might manifest

Fantasy might become reality

So that for once

The world will be

As I have always seen it


About the photos:

After penning the poem this morning, I wondered what picture I could find to accompany it, when I spotted this jackdaw from my window.  Jackdaws, along with crows and ravens were once believed to be messengers of fate…very apt, thought I…

As to the poor quality of the photos…The pictures might have been better had I not taken them looking out of the window.  Equally, had not one of my cats decided to play a game of try-to-catch-the-camera-strap each time I pressed the button to take a picture, they might have come out better.  Yes, that’s right.  I am blaming the cat.  It’s all on you, Khepri! 🙂

The Tarot Reader

She shuffled the cards diligently, her mind focused, determined.

When she was ready, she placed the deck on the table.  Turning the top card over, she stared at it intently for what seemed like a lifetime.

‘What are you searching for?’ the man sitting opposite her asked.