Come Walk With Me – virtually, of course!

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe.

I’ve been meaning to post these photos since last week, but it seems time these days is not my friend!

Last week we had some glorious weather here (which kindly returned yesterday after a break of a few days), and that meant I got some nice photos whilst out on my daily walk around the village…If you would like to see more photos, head over to my Facebook page, which is where I usually post them – the reason being I don’t always remember to take my camera, but I always have my phone! 😉

Take care all x

NaNo 2018 Journal

I thought it might be interesting (to try) to keep a daily journal documenting how I get on with this year’s NaNoWriMo…

What am I working on?

The plan is to work on a number of projects. Some of them involve writing whilst others focus on editing. Some of them are unfinished projects that require a bit of attention, whilst others haven’t been started yet. There are also some organisational tasks I want to complete this year, as well as experimenting with some new writing techniques.

I have a list of what I hope to accomplish this November, but it is subject to change at a drop of a hat, and for that reason, there is no point in sharing it at this stage.

Why so many projects? Why so vague? I’ve been suffering from exhaustion for pretty much the whole of 2018, but I would have been really unhappy to skip NaNo this year. My hope is that, with so many different projects for me to choose to work on on any given day, the problems I have been having with focus and concentration should not arise and I should, in theory, still manage to get a lot done.

Watch this space…

(And just so you know…my NaNo diary entries won’t count towards my daily word counts.)

Getting Closer to Nature

I thought I would share another trip out to The Vale of Marston, Bedfordshire, UK with you all… I hope you enjoy the photos.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two make it into the Weekend Writing Prompt sometime over the summer. 🙂

View looking out over a little pond. In the background you can just see a wooden bridge. This spot is so peaceful…

Wild roses (dog roses) are currently in bloom. I love them. I think they are one of my favourite hedgerow flowers (I have one growing in the garden). The white flowers are most common, but I love the soft pink petals. The photo above shows one of the darkest pink flowers I’ve seen.

The photo doesn’t capture it as well I would like, but looking through here was like looking in to Fangorn Forest…

The are so many pieces of woodworking dotted all over…unusually shaped benches and seats, and carved pillars flanking walkways…

Much of the day was spent shower-dodging. In the photo above you can see the rain moving through the vale.

This patch of purple-pink flowers (maybe marsh mallow, though it might be too early in the season for it) was so pretty to see…

A May-Day Excursion

May-Day was spent exploring somewhere we have been meaning to visit for ages: The Forest Centre at Marston Vale, Bedfordshire.  It’s one of twelve Community Forests in England.  Here’s a little bit about them taken from their “About Us” page:

Creating the Forest of Marston Vale is about using trees and woodlands to repair a damaged landscape, addressing the effects of the brick-making industry, which had flourished for over a hundred years between Bedford and Milton Keynes.

This area, as the quote above suggests, was once a hive of industry.  At it’s height, there were around 160 chimneys in the Marston Vale.  Now there are only four to be found at Stewertby (see photo below).  There is a striking difference between what the area once was and what it now is.  It’s encouraging to see so many new trees – over one million have been planted, which is great, not only for us but for wildlife too.

Yesterday’s short poem, A Scarred Landscape No More was inspired by this visit.

There was so much to see and do there but we decided to keep our visit short and sweet (after walking one of the shorter walks and enjoying a delightful breakfast in the Lakeside Cafe inside The Forest Centre) and head a little further down the road to another one of their woodland projects, Granary Woods.

If you ever find yourself in the area, I recommend you check it out.  Here’s the link to website if you want more information:

My Weekend in Pictures

A day out yesterday to Melton Mowbray to see family, where we visited the local parish church in the heart of the town, before heading off to see the Victorian market (sadly no pictures, it was getting too dark by then).  Perhaps the highlight of the day was listening to tracks from the soundtrack of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy on the way home.  Great stuff!

Then today we went to a local water mill and small nature reserve and indulged in hot chocolate and mince pies.  Mmm…that certainly warmed us through 🙂