Hidden Messages…or…Looking for meaning where there is none


Secrets whispered on the breeze

Symbols concealing their face in the clouds

The sudden appearance of bird or leaf

What does it mean?  What does it mean?

Time wasted in futile search

Life dreamt away analysing sleep-time talk

A future entrusted to a deck of cards

Magical power of stones and rocks

Foolish intuition or trustworthy guidance?

Uncovering hidden messages…

…Or looking for meaning where there is none?

Who knows the truth?

She asks, turning her gaze to the crystal ball

Wondering if she can trust her instinct




Do you trust your intuition?  Do you look for signs and symbols in the world around you to help make decisions? Or do you not believe in the possibility of predicting the future?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this…perhaps you are an avid consulter of the Tarot or search for messages during meditation…Maybe it’s astrology and horoscopes that have captured your attention or earnt your disdain…Feel free to share your thoughts below…

The Runecaster

runesShe sat on the side of the hill overlooking the town in the pre-dawn light.  Holding the pouch in her hand, she gently shook it, jumbling the contents, before up-ending the river stones onto the soft dewy grass, whispering as she did so, ‘Let them fall where they may.’

She took a moment to study the pattern of their falling; where they landed, how they landed, which way they faced.  Then she started to laugh.  It wasn’t that she was malevolent or evil, but the town didn’t like her for the truths she would tell.  But, as she told them, ‘If you ask the question, you will hear the answer.’

The town wouldn’t like the answer she had for them that morning.  The townsfolk were in for a very bad day.

‘Oh well,’ she said, shrugging her shoulders.  ‘You always reap what you sow.’

Obsidian’s Dark Heart

obsidian stream
Obsidian’s dark heart
Cares not for feelings
It spares nothing
Revealing truth with harsh words
It has no time for pretences
As it forces us to look within
To turn inwards and see what’s in our hearts
Both the good and the bad
“This is who you are,” it whispers
Though it does not judge:
“You are made of both darkness and light.”
Obsidian’s dark heart
Cares not for feelings
It cares not for hopes and dreams
It cares nothing for who we aspire to be
For it’s purpose is simply this:
Reflecting the truth.


[Nephomancy from the Greek for “cloud” and “divination”]

Photo 4

Clouds skimming across blue skies
Drifting as they metamorphose
Into symbols that prophecise the future
Giving warning of what may be
Or even reassurance that all is not lost
Across the heavens they skate
With their intimation of mystery
Only ceasing to divulge their secrets
When they are no more

What do you see?

Photo 1

Photo 1

A few moments to spare this afternoon and I snatched at them with both hands.  This week has been a busy one, but largely unproductive in terms of writing.  A bit of flash fiction, a handful of poems and a single chapter on my WIP.  Time has not been on my side 😦  However, when the chance to spend a little while outdoors presented itself, in (mostly) sunshine, I decided to enjoy the crazy cloud formations overhead, hence the inspiration for this post…

Nephomancy, from the Greek for “cloud” and “divination”, is the art of divining messages or foretelling the future by studying the clouds.

Photo 2

Photo 2

We have all done it, haven’t we?  Looked for pictures or recognisable shapes in the sky.  It’s just a bit of fun, to while away a summer’s day – or to give you something, anything, to do on a family picnic.  And one of the best parts of it surely has to be that more often than not, what we see is unique to us.  Where one might see one thing, another might see something completely different.  It’s just a little bit of fun…

Photo 3

Photo 3

But what if it wasn’t?  What if, for arguments sake, there was something more in it, just waiting for you to discover it?

Turning my camera skywards this afternoon, I snapped a few shots of the clouds.  Some of them are quite dramatic, others not so much.  One of them, to my eye at least, looked like a certain mythological creature – can you guess which one? 🙂

So what, if anything, do you see in the photos in this post?  And do the pictures or symbols have any meaning?

Photo 4

Photo 4

Oracle Forecast for the Week Ahead from The River Gardens Oracle


river gardens oracle reading 1

This week will be one for hard work (Bee).  However, your effort will be rewarded and will bring success to your door.

If you work with balance as your guiding principle (Yin and Yang) harmony will reign and this hard work will feel effortless.

During this busy period don’t forget to take care of yourself (Mother Goddess).  It is a time for healing.  Make sure that you rest to recuperate your strength during quiet periods so that when the time comes, you are ready for anything.

This oracle forecast uses the River Gardens Oracle Card Deck, which I designed for my fictional witch, Andromache Jones.  To learn more about her and the free stories she features in, click here.

I would love to hear what you think of the stories, the cards and this reading, so please feel free to comment or contact me.

Please Note: It is worth pointing out that this reading is provided for entertainment purposes only; however, what you do with the information provided in it, is up to you.

© Sammi Cox, 2014

The Cloud Reader

Lying in a meadow full of wild flowers, Nate watched as clouds drifted across the blue expanse above him.

Slowly changing symbols, each with a story to tell, a message to impart.

He loved to watch the clouds in summer.

Perhaps that was why he was wise beyond his years.