autumn in black and white

In a hollow voice he talks but says nothing, filling the space so you won’t get the chance to ask him how’s he doing, what he’s feeling and if things have gotten any better since he last spoke of the weather, the news and the football scores.

The Cloud Reader

Lying in a meadow full of wild flowers, Nate watched as clouds drifted across the blue expanse above him.

Slowly changing symbols, each with a story to tell, a message to impart.

He loved to watch the clouds in summer.

Perhaps that was why he was wise beyond his years.

Echoes of the Past

Footsteps echo on the ancient ground.  Snippets of conversation carried on the wind of time.  Shouting.  Screaming.  Laughter.  Crying.

Experience imprinted on the landscape.  Memories forever carved in stone.  Life and death remembered.

Stories waiting to be told…truths waiting to be heard…

The past is never silent.


They weaved in and out of his perception, as they had always done.  But he had struggled and fought to control it, ignore it.  Them.

He didn’t want to see the dead, nor hear them.  He didn’t need them.

But they had other ideas.  They needed him.  They always would.