Lost Soul


She wandered alone through the forest, just another Lost Soul, searching out her place in the world.  How long she had been walking these woodland paths, she could no longer tell.  One day seemed much like the next, until finally, they all started to blur into one.  Today was both yesterday and tomorrow.

“Have I always been roaming?” she wondered.  “Was there a time before, when I made the decision to enter the Timeless Woods and seek out my destiny?”

But her memory was not what it once was, and the past was hidden from her.  Just like the future.

This was written for Day 11 of “A Month of Mini Writing Challenges“.  See this page here for more details and a list of prompts.

A New Found Sense of Wonder (Earthbound #6)

(To read the story from the beginning, visit Earthbound’s index page here, or click here for part 1, I Dream of Things Far Away…)

An earth map of the stars…But what to do with such a revelation? I wondered.  It felt so profound that its very essence was bewildering.  Nonetheless I was captivated by the very idea and could not let it go.  To relinquish it now would be as if I had raised anchor during a storm, and so, relentlessly I forged ahead with my deliberations.

I was earthbound, grounded by root and soil, by grass and tree.  How could that which grew from beneath my feet elevate me skywards?  It was illogical; it made no sense.  And yet I was as certain of this as I was that somewhere in the vast expansive sky was my home.  My true home.  It was without reason but, perhaps it was beyond reason, requiring nothing more than simple acceptance.

I got to my feet and made a study of all that was around me, appreciating what I saw with a new found sense of wonder.  For, to my mind, a tree was no longer just a tree but a signpost; the unfurling frond of the fern that pointed like a finger was a marker showing me the way.

And so, with a renewed spark of hope in my heart, I looked at the forest bathed in warm, golden sunlight and mused over the biggest question to face me yet…in which direction was I to take my first step of the journey?